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Costa Rica targeting the information technology services market in the Panamanian market.

14 companies in the Information Technology (ICT) sector were on Panamanian soil on October 11.12 and 13, with the aim of generating strategic alliances in this country.

Services Market

Among the national firms that participated in the event were: MiWeb, 4Geeks, Analysis MBC, Armaximus, Auricom, Daytona Soft, DotCreek, Evicertia, Gridshield, Infoware, ISS Consultants, Rossmon, Techinagro and Zews.

For the case of MiWeb, it was a double purpose visit: to develop business alliances that allow the placement of digital analytics services in Panamanian companies and at the same time promote the use of Google Analytics 360 and programmatic purchase of digital guidelines through Double Click.

PROCOMER’s export director says that many Costa Rican entrepreneurs are very interested in entering this market as it is a first step in starting the export market.

The Highway to Panama program is of great interest to the Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (CAMTIC), as several partners have shown interest in exporting to Panama, and this market represents a fairly important opportunity for the sector, according to CAMTIC executive director Otto Rivera Valle.

The companies had a total of 70 business appointments and the opportunities generated through these spaces will have the support and follow-up of PROCOMER.

The event was organized by the Promoter of Foreign Trade (PROCOMER), which was called Highway to Panama.

See the full information here.


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