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Costa Rica Flores: Industry Services

Industry: Services emerged after an analysis of the market and its constant growth is due to iterative campaigns in Google Adwords, as well as the measurement and monitoring of results with Google Analytics.

E-commerce as a sales trigger

The family business of Flor del Este flower shop changed its decline by opening up to the world with thanks to sales campaigns in Google Adwords in which, for every dollar invested in the paid market, a return on investment has been achieved as a contribution to the average earnings of $ 8.15 over a 13-year period that the e-commerce site has been running.

In the San Pedro area, in Costa Rica, the consumption of flower arrangements was decreasing and Paul Fervoy, our current VP of Services and Solutions at Extendo, saw the need to make a change, so he proposed to the owners of the place do an e-commerce test with a Google Adwords spend to determine the size of the possible market and the possibility of generating sales through paid campaigns.

In that market research, it was asked if there were Costa Ricans who bought flower arrangements online, what other audiences required the services, what clients were looking for, how they chose a supplier and if there were sales periods.

A basic promotional site was developed and, after the sales campaign, it was adjusted with e-commerce tools. In this way, the flower shop was redefined and with Google Adwords, new online ad guidelines were managed for the target they wanted to reach. Soon his e-commerce became his first direct sales channel, 80% trading online and driving 40% of the traffic.

“The world expanded for us because we are a small family business, entirely Costa Rican, but with global reach,” says Lorena Delgado, manager of and Flor del Este.

E-commerce as a sales trigger

The development has been iterative, which allows us to continue innovating and investing in paid digital marketing, but under the following methodology:

  • Measure Business Conversions
  • Evaluate the results (ROI)
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

Under the proposed solutions for the e-commerce site and its eventual version for mobile devices, the content management system (CMS), digital marketing campaigns both in search engines and in social networks (organic and paid), search campaigns with payment for click (PPC), the analysis of results and their monitoring in Google Analytics, as well as market segmentation, the client acknowledges that he was advised very well.

The result is that monthly sales in more than 13 years have been increasing and the return on investment has reached a maximum of $ 10.07 for each of those allocated to campaigns. Without a doubt, this case of Costa Rica Flores was a success.

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