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Instacredit managed to impact the conversion rate by almost 50% with optimization actions regarding the user experience on its website and its search engine positioning.

How to increase leads organically with UX Optimization and SEO?

Instacredit, convinced of the importance of the user experience, carried out optimization actions on its website that, together with good SEO, led it to increase its conversion rate by almost 50%.

We all know how important a good customer experience is when buying a product or service. In digital, the user experience, better known as UX for its acronym in English, is paramount in any of the digital properties of the brand. However, it is sometimes overlooked. It would not be the case if the direct impact it has on sales combined with good SEO was seen. Instacredit was able to corroborate this with data.

His business challenge was to increase the number of leads acquired organically on his website.

Approximately 90% of the traffic to the site was from paid channels, so there was a great challenge ahead. Our methodology was to put the user at


the center of all action, so the knowledge of the client was a primary factor. In this sense, we realized, among other things, that most of the users were looking for urgent loans and many of them consulted the site through cell phones.

Based on this knowledge, we understood what usability improvements were necessary to optimize the performance of the website according to its business objectives:

  • It was identified that the home page had a lot of information and that the request form was not user-friendly.
  • A recommendation was made of the new flow that the home page should have.
  • A visual recommendation of the home page was proposed.
  • Specific recommendations were made to the form and prioritized within the home page.

All these actions were focused on favoring the registration of requests for obtaining credits, in such a way that it could be carried out easily and intuitively from any device. This audit was accompanied by an SEO analysis for your best search engine positioning organically.

The results:

66%growth in loan applications.

Conversion rate growth of 49%.

It is impressive what UX and SEO can contribute to your sales without having to spend on advertising. In this ever-changing digital world, it is necessary to do constant consulting on your site and play with AB testing to see what works the most for your business. We must never lose sight of the importance of supporting actions with data in order to carry out a true process of continuous improvement.

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