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Industry: Automotive

Nissan Costa Rica achieved a 30% growth in digital sales thanks to the integration of CRM and Google Analytics.

How to achieve an increase in digital sales despite the decline of the industry?

In 2019 the automotive industry had a decrease of 11% in Costa Rica. Despite this, Nissan Costa Rica managed to grow digital sales by 30% compared to the sales generated in 2018 thanks to the integration of data between its CRM and Google Analytics, which allowed it to enrich audiences for the optimization of its digital campaigns.

The objective of Nissan Costa Rica has always been to effectively measure sales results from digital efforts, so the strategy started from the most basic but essential of digital marketing; effectively measure actual sales through digital channels. For a time we created several strategies for these channels and, when the moment was right, we evolved the digital maturity of the client considering an approach that bet on the use of data to grow in digital results. As part of the tactics, connecting the CRM with the Google Analytics tool was one of the viable minimums to meet Nissan’s business objectives.

We first created the necessary guides for the Nissan technical team to be in charge of creating the conditions for the Google Analytics measurement protocol to work. This process lasted a couple of months, until in 2019 we were able to see the sales that were being generated from this connection.

This opened up many possibilities for us. First, we update the results report, created in Datastudio, in order to show the results in sales and ROI. This allowed us to connect the online and offline world to understand how many of the sales made in the branches came from a digital lead. Later, we began to use more specific audiences to be able to re-market and create audiences similar to those who had already bought a Nissan, which gave more weight to digital activities and strategies. In addition, we build a strategy with specific time frames. Thanks to this and the results and audiences created by the connection between the systems, we were able to obtain excellent results in vehicle sales from the digital channel, so much so that this channel grew by 30% compared to the previous year.

Nissan considers the digital channel as one more physical branch of the nine it currently has in the country. With these results, “the digital branch” is the second with the most sales in the country. To make matters worse, the return on investment in Google Ads was 151: 1, which means that for every $ 1 invested, Nissan earns $ 151. Also, the cost per conversion was $ 205. This positions Google Ads as the most profitable channel for the company.

Thanks to the integration and use of Google tools, we were able to close the gap between the online and offline world, capitalizing on the sales made in branches that came with interactions from the digital channel.

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