Success Cases

Citibanamex- 100% Digital sales model and personalized environment.

From the valley - Increase of 98% in the total views of the site.

Mattel- Strategic vision of +100 tables of 21 brands.

Utel- 63.5% increase in successful forms.


Success cases


Customization using a software architecture on Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform.
Industry: Banking and Finance

This case presents results obtained in areas of: cloud software architecture and user experience customization within a digital marketing context that seeks to capture leads and perform scoring of them to pre-qualify your credit card requests.

Del Valle

Brand positioning by applying campaign solutions with Google Ads.
Industry: GCP

This case breaks down results obtained in the area of brand positioning through the union of audiences and creation of content relevant to the company’s Nutriforte product. This workflow also encompased how search and video campaign solutions for search partners, both via Google Ads, were applied to address business needs.


Decrease in report times for better real-time decision making with Data Studio.
Industry: GCP

This case presents the results obtained from the creation of a digital dashboard. The challenge was to achieve a unified view of the data of all its brands and sub-brands that would allow:

  • Decrease reporting times.
  • Understand how digital efforts move and their impact.

Similar audience with Google Ads.
Industry: Education

This case presents the results obtained from the use of similar audiences for the search network, with the aim of generating conversions, in this case, filling out a contact form, focusing on users with behavior similar to those who have already converted.

Unify data to boost your business.Industry: Finance
This case shows how measure, analyze and activate data is the key of your business growth.
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