The other disease

The other disease

Panic gripped the streets, the quarantine of nations and a feared virus of humanity. Amid so much confusion, dangerous, silently and discreetly, like a cancer that runs quietly until it’s being screened in which nothing else can be done, a pandemic is even more dangerous than the so-called COVID-19.

Unlike the aforementioned virus, the younger the person, the more vulnerable it is, the predominant group of 15 to 35 years of age, accustomed to consuming content via the internet, social networks and everything known as a “digital” medium however, this does not exempt the other remaining groups of the population.

“Infodemia” is how many have named this new outbreak. Immersed in an overwhelming amount of data, endless videos, photos from anywhere in the world, testimonials, Whatsapp groups, information chains, emails and access to information almost immediately, we can have a very clear picture of what is happening worldwide… or at least, that’s how it should work.

The other disease

We have more information, but we are less wise, COVID-19 has forced us to generate waves of news and not necessarily all sources are reliable or real, most only generate chaos, misinformation and panic among readers, we go from bathing the whole body with lemon to kill the virus to closing windows and doors because the air force will disinfect everything in a country where they do not even have the resources to buy such material , we keep going, we take things for granted, what someone said, what an idle one invented, what sounded funny, we consume it, we read it, we replicate it, as blind automatons unable to verify where the source came from or what the context of the note was.

Today COVID-19 is a good pretext to demonstrate a bad practice that we have been doing for a long time and that we must eliminate, tomorrow will be the economy, pollution, or any other issue, but the problem remains the way we consume the information, that is why, before we continue to spread this contagion, we take advantage of the following preventive measures to eradicate this new pandemic :

  1. Question everything that is read and understand in what context the note was given.
  2. Always check the veracity of the data and the source.
  3. On a topic with informative purpose doubt all those notes that appeal to the feeling of the reader.
  4. Avoid comparing yourself to other countries or regions is not to replicate best practices.
  5. Inform yourself, yes, but as a measure of protection and support for the population, always keep this in mind and do not consume data that only feeds the false sense of security and control.
The other disease

Yes, let us know, let us encourage our obsessive – compulsive part with everything that is available to us, but with a different approach; not to fuel irrational fear or collective paranoia. Let us inform ourselves to prevent, to act, to evolve, to know how I can help others, to know what is happening in industries and the world economy, to make a plan of how and where to start once everything returns to normal, basically to develop short-term contingency plans and ensure future growth.


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